Jan 20, 2016 | | Brooklyn, NY
Client's rating: 5 of 5

On top of the fact that she is super efficient and thorough; she has such a positive, genuine aura about her. I had a session with her today and honestly I had to finally give her some much due praise on Yelp. Despite having to basically lay spread eagle in front of her (due to the Brazilian part of the service) which can be a little uncomfortable for some, she never fails at making me feel completely at ease each and every time. So much so that I completely seem to forget about being in such a vulnerable position per say. Not to mention she always remembers what we spoke about during our previous session. This attention to detail is what haves me coming back and singing her praises. I left feeling smoother and much lighter emotionally (Elizabeth doubles as my therapist...talk about 2 for 1 deals haha jk) Thank you Erase for hiring such a fantastic employee!

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