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A+++ - Testimonial

For so many reasons I love this place! I've been getting laser treatment for years and by far, Erase Spa is the most reasonably priced and offers the best service! They're open on weekends, parking is easier than most places and the owners are absolutely delightful! I highly recommend Erase Spa! A+++++

Michele E. Cliffside Park , NJ January 4, 2015

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The ladies here are amazing, professional,sweet,sexy and …

The ladies here are amazing - Testimonial

Erase spa!! Where do I start? The ladies here are amazing, professional,sweet,sexy and caring! Coming to Erase is like coming to a family BBQ, you just feel like you're meant to be here. So I have been coming here for about 3yrs now and have never had an issue. My personal fav is LISA!! Not everyone knows how to treat dark skin and I must say she is an angel. They should send all interns globally to erase!! The care and precise treatment is some of the many attributes that she has under her belt. Will forever be her #1 fan. She is Gold! The receptionist and office staff are so friendly.

Kieran B. West Orange , NJ December 10, 2015

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This Place is Truly Amazing.

This Place is Truly Amazing - Testimonial

This place is truly amazing. While I'm usually skeptical of five-star ratings, I was lured by the glowing Yelp reviews and now I'm writing one! I couldn't be happier with my experience at Erase Spa. I bought a full body package deal and have completed two sessions thus far. I already see a HUGE difference, body hair is barely there anymore! Not to mention everyone who works here is incredibly friendly and helpful. If you're looking for a clean, comfortable, professional yet affordable laser spa, Erase is the place to go.

Side note: Pain was my primary concern prior to coming here, and while it can be mildly painful, it's really not that bad (and not anywhere near as painful as waxing). I'm very sensitive to pain, but they use a laser machine that blows cold air on your skin which makes it much more bearable.

Silan A. Manhattan , NY December 16, 2015

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This place has truly changed my life.

This place has truly changed my life - Testimonial

This place has truly changed my life. After my first session I started seeing results and now after a year of treatments, I almost forget what it was like to shave. I was an avid waxer for several years, but with incredibly sensitive skin, I suffered from painful and unsightly ingrowns and when I shaved I experienced consistent irritation and razor burn. With the laser treatment from Erase Spa, I not only no longer experience any type of irritation, the hair regrowth is so fine, it's barely there. This was the first place I ever tested laser treatment, so I can't truthfully compare to any other experience, but I don't see a reason to ever go elsewhere. I've sent several friends here who have all had similar, positive experiences with various laser treatments from Brazilian, to under arms, legs, and even upper lip. Erase Spa is the best, including their lovely staff- so pleased I found this place.

Megan G New York , NY January 5, 2016

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Very happy client of Erase Spa!

Very happy client of Erase Spa! - Testimonial

I came to Erase Spa upon the recommendation of a friend. Even better was that I found a Groupon deal for six sessions of a medium area. I purchased two because I wanted both my underarms and bikini line done. When I called to make the appointment, I was told only one Groupon can be used, but they honored the price and I dealt with the Groupon return separately.

The ladies who manage the appointment booking and reception are so lovely and helpful. They take the time to find appointments that work with your schedule and were gracious when I had to cancel last-minute due to work one time.

The technicians are sweet and take the time to assess your needs. The pain definitely hurts but it is fairly quick and manageable. I've had the six sessions on underarm and bikini line and am so pleased with my results. It's at the point for I hardly have to shave!

Their prices are so competitive and I have purchased two more packages since originally going there and have recommended them to friends. Very happy client of Erase Spa!

Chrissy D. Bellerose , NY January 14, 2016

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Love This Place!

Love this place - Testimonial

Love this place! I initially came across Erase through a groupon deal. I was somewhat skeptical at first as I had been to some bigger spa chains in the city and didn't see that great of results. However after just couple of treatments, I saw far better results than anything I had before. And let's be honest this is probably not the most comfortable beauty treatment, but the ladies at Erase are friendly, personable and always make sure I am okay. They are also far better priced than most other places. I heard they will be raising their prices soon so I'd definitely take advantages of their packages before the prices go up. The staff always gives me their honest professional opinion on what I should purchase based on my results and progress rather than just trying to sell me on packages. You can trust you'll be in good hands

Theresa T. Manhattan , NY January 16, 2016

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ELIZABETH is a God sent!

ELIZABETH is a God sent! - Testimonial

On top of the fact that she is super efficient and thorough; she has such a positive, genuine aura about her. I had a session with her today and honestly I had to finally give her some much due praise on Yelp.
Despite having to basically lay spread eagle in front of her (due to the Brazilian part of the service) which can be a little uncomfortable for some, she never fails at making me feel completely at ease each and every time. So much so that I completely seem to forget about being in such a vulnerable position per say.
Not to mention she always remembers what we spoke about during our previous session. This attention to detail is what haves me coming back and singing her praises. I left feeling smoother and much lighter emotionally (Elizabeth doubles as my therapist...talk about 2 for 1 deals haha jk)
Thank you Erase for hiring such a fantastic employee!

Shanti M. Brooklyn , NY January 20, 2016

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My whole experience at Erase was great!

My whole experience at Erase was great! - Testimonial

My whole experience at Erase was great! This was my first laser treatment, and they could not have made me more comfortable. I used a Gilt City voucher, and didn't feel like I got treated any differently using a "coupon". I was nervous going into the appointment, but Amy talked me through the whole thing, gave me a stress ball to squeeze (although the pain was not bad at all in comparison to the pain of waxing), and it was over in a couple minutes.

Samantha E. Parsippany , NJ January 21, 2016

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Best Place I’ve Been To.

Best Place I've Been To - Testimonial

Best place I've been to. The staff, technicians, price, and quality are all as good as it gets.

Gayle J. New York , NY February 17, 2016

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Yes, this place deserves the full 5.

Yes, this place deserves the full 5 - Testimonial

Haven't done laser for about 1.5 years now since I was preggo then had my baby so wasn't able to. I wanted to start back and luckily I found this place(I used to go to voila spa but this place took over voila) wow was a difference!

The place and people are so warm and welcoming I had a wonderful experience.

My technician was Amy - she was fab, super knowledgable and sweet and made me feel very comfortable. The girl at the front desk also was very sweet and accommodating. The people can always make or break a business and Now I know why this place has awesome reviews. Great job gals!

Reena M. New York , NY February 26, 2016

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Elizabeth is Fantastic

Elizabeth is Fantastic - Testimonial

Elizabeth is fantastic and always make sure that you are comfortable with the intensity of the laser. I had my bikini done, and I have gotten reasonable results. I bought 6 package on groupon, will likely need 8-10 sessions for complete hairlessness but I'm satisfied with the results thus far. Need to book in advance as they are usually filled up.

Evie Rodriguez New York , NY February 29, 2016

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This Facility is Amazing!

This Facility is Amazing! - Testimonial

This facility is amazing! I've never walked into a place where you were getting such personal treatments done yet you feel so comfortable around the women who are running this office. Everyone is nice and you really can't beat their prices. The quality of their service goes above and beyond what I ever expected it to be like and for that I will only go to this facility for any laser hair removal treatment. Love this place.

Justine Amanda D. Bronx , NY March 1, 2016

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They are all very nice women!

They are all very nice women! - Testimonial

I have been going to Erase Spa for about 6 months now and I have had my underarms, upper lip, bikini line, and lower legs lasered. I am an ideal candidates for laser hair removal (light skin with dark coarse hair) and the technicians are very knowledgable. They explain the process, do's and don'ts, and they are all very nice women! I go to Ahuva exclusively now and she is an absolute delight and is very knowledgable of the process. While it does take multiple sessions, I have had noticeable reduction of hair in all areas. I should have about 4 more sessions but I am looking forward to the remainder!

Sara P. Manhattan , NY March 2, 2016

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I have tried over 6 laser offices over the years and this by …

I have tried over 6 laser offices over the years and this by ... - Testimonial

As always the ladies at Erase are wonderful and did a wonderful job. They also re-modeled their office and it looks great. They are very sweet and extremely helpful. They try their best to accommodate appointments to everyone's schedules. I have referred three friends here who all love the place as well! They are very fast and efficient when it comes to laser hair removal, which is my primary reason for my visits. They also have recently added a lot more amazing services! Be sure to check them out. They are in a very convenient location, next to numerous subway lines, as well as next to penn station for any out of towners or commuters! I also recently saw the cutest office pup there. So friendly, I'm in love.

I have tried over 6 laser offices over the years and this by far is my favorite spot!

Easton E. New York , NY March 3, 2016

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The place is nice and well located and the prices are good …

The place is nice and the prices are good ...

On the whole I have been very happy with my treatments but I still have some dark hair growth after 6 sessions on an area, so I feel you probably need 10-12 sessions to get rid of hair completely. Also some technicians (I had a different one every time) use much lower power than others and that may be why I still have some hair growth. I now always ask them to use as high power as possible as I have a high pain tolerance and I don't find it very painful at all.

Gina B. Hoboken , NJ March 4, 2016

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I really love this place.

I really love this place - Testimonial

I've gotten laser sessions done in two other places and they were both extremely painful to the point that I had to stop the session half way.

That is not the case with erase spa- they are flexible, and though the session is not painless the ladies doing the laser are really patient with me.

I saw results after my first session and since my second session I haven't had any growth-just had my third session today and definitely was not as bad as my first and second. Great place!

Sabrina F. Glendale , NY March 10, 2016

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It’s always a pleasure to go here.

It's always a pleasure to go here - Testimonial

The personnel are great! Everyone is gracious. They look out for their clients. It's always a pleasure to go here.

Taiyyab Z. Fort Lee , NJ March 12, 2016

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I could not be happier to find this gem.

I could not be happier to find this gem. - Testimonial

Erase Spa was recommended to me via word of mouth and I could not be happier to find this gem. Went in for my sideburns - as they are light but long and cause an odd halo effect when I wear a full face. I am halfway through my series - and barely any hair grows. All the technicians I have worked with are professional, fast and throughout. They always confirm the location and make sure to zap every stray hair on my soon to be no more sideburns. The location is very convenient and the space is clean. The waiting room is a little small - but they seem to do a good job of scheduling, so there is always a seat available and a very short wait. Plus, they use MindBody - so my appointments are always added to my calendar minutes after I schedule.

Sara P. Queens , NY March 14, 2016

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