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Are you suffering from acne, hyperpigmentation, or wrinkles? If so, then a chemical peel may be a wise option for you. At Erase Spa, our peels work to enhance and brighten the skin, while removing unwanted blemishes and evening the skin tone. We have options for the knees, elbows, belly, hands, feet, arms, thighs, chest, buttocks, back, and legs.

You can choose from a number of procedures, such as the following:

Erase acne, hyperpigmentation & wrinkles with Sensi® Peel

Knees / Elbows / Belly Line / Hands / Feet
Bikini / Underarms / Inner thigh / Lower/upper arms / Chest
Lower/upper leg / Upper/lower back / Outer buttocks

If your skin is sensitive and you need an option other than our traditional choices, ask our aesthetician about Sensi Peel®!

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